How to Get the Black Astronaut in Blooket?

One of the most coveted characters in Blooket is the rare black astronaut. This mysterious jetpack-wearing astronaut is challenging to obtain but brings huge bragging rights. This article will explain exactly how to get the black astronaut character in Blooket.

To get the black astronaut, you must first understand how characters work in Blooket. Blooket has several game modes, each with characters that can be collected and used. The black astronaut can only be obtained in one game mode: Tower Defense. It is an essential distinction because any strategies for getting the black astronaut need to happen within Tower Defense games.

What Is the Importance of Collecting Blooks in Blooket

Collecting blooks is a fundamental aspect of the Blooket experience. Not only do they provide an element of fun, but they also serve as a motivation for players to stay engaged with the platform. The more blooks a player gathers, the more they showcase their commitment to learning and mastering the game.

Step by Step: Unlocking the Black Astronaut in Blooket

How to Get the Black Astronaut in Blooket?

Here’s the concise guide you’ve been waiting for to acquire that elusive Black Astronaut:

  1. Engage in Regular Play: Regularly playing different games on Blooket increases your chances of discovering new blooks.
  2. Participate in Special Events: Blooket often holds special events or challenges. By participating, you can earn rare blooks, including the Black Astronaut.
  3. Trade with Friends: If your friends have the Black Astronaut, consider trading one of your rare blooks with them. Establishing a community or joining a Blooket group can widen your trading options.
  4. Utilize the Marketplace: Occasionally, rare blooks like the Black Astronaut may appear in the Blooket marketplace. Ensure you’ve accumulated enough coins to grab it once it’s available.
  5. Stay Updated: Blooket Play frequently rolls out updates. Some updates might feature new ways to acquire desired blooks, so stay informed.

Using Strategy to Improve Your Odds in Tower Defense

Beyond accumulating more spins in Tower Defense mode, some strategic moves within Tower Defense games can improve your chances of getting rare blooks.

Play Against Bots

The black astronaut has the highest chance of unlocking when you win a game of Tower Defense. Play against bot opponents whenever possible, giving you the best shot at winning each match.

Go for Long Games

The longer a Tower Defense game lasts, the more spins you earn per game. Try to play in ways that extend the game length, like building mazes and using towers that delay rather than damage.

Play Against Fewer Opponents

Your odds of winning go up when competing against fewer opponents. Choose 2 or 3-player Tower Defense games for better win rates and more spins.

Use Strong Defensive Towers

Towers like Cannon and Flamethrower deal lots of damage and make it easier for you to win. Invest most of your coins into these powerful towers to increase your odds.

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Black Astronaut in Blooket

Don’t Give Up!

Like many rare game items, the black astronaut Blook has a shallow drop rate. You may have to play many Tower Defense games before finally unlocking him. Here are some final tips for staying motivated:

  • Team up with friends who can trade you the black astronaut if they get it first.
  • Take breaks from Tower Defense and play other modes so it feels like a smooth process.
  • Appreciate the anticipation and rarity that makes getting the black astronaut so satisfying.
  • Know that with persistence, your time will come to add the super cool black astronaut to your collection!

FAQs About Getting the Black Astronaut

Is the Black Astronaut the Rarest Blook?

Yes, the dark-suited black astronaut with a jetpack is considered the rarest and most desirable blook in Blooket. Its legendary status comes from extremely low odds of unlocking it.

What are the Exact Odds of Getting the Black Astronaut?

The exact rarity odds are unknown but estimated to be around a 0.1% chance or lower per spin. It means you may have to do 1000+ spins before finally unlocking the black astronaut blook.

Can You Trade for the Black Astronaut Blook?

Yes, if another player in your Blooket game manages to unlock the black astronaut, they can trade it to you. Form friendships with frequent Blooket players to increase your chances of being traded this rare blook.

Does the Black Astronaut Do Anything Special?

Beyond its mega rare status, the black astronaut has no special powers or advantages in Blooket gameplay. It provides bragging rights and flexing potential for dedicated Blooket grinders.

Can You Get the Black Astronaut in Any Game Mode?

No, the coveted black astronaut only appears in the Tower Defense game mode. It will never unlock in Gold Quest, Crypto Hack, Racing, or any other Blooket mode.


Getting the black astronaut in Blooket requires patience and strategies tailored to Tower Defense mode. Prioritize amassing spins through achievements, trades, daily spins, and purchased spins. Hone your Tower Defense skills and play optimal games against bots for higher win rates. Stick with it, use your Blooket resources wisely, and eventually, you will be rewarded with this elusive character.

The black astronaut stands as a status symbol within Blooket, so get out there and maximize your chances today. Keep striving, and you will eventually don the black helmet yourself. Best of luck!

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