How to Reset Daily Token Limit in Blooket?

Users of Blooket often hit the token limit, leaving them able to earn tokens the next day. This 15-token ceiling can feel restrictive if you want to keep playing games and gathering coins. Don’t worry; there is a simple trick to reset your daily token limit back to normal. Just relax and play a Blooket game to earn coins. After getting coins, the daily token limit will be reset. Here’s a step-by-step guide to resetting your daily token limit on the Blooket game.

What Are Tokens in Blooket?

Tokens are the premium currency used in Blooket. They allow you to purchase different game modes, powerups, and other unique items in the Blooket shop. Players earn small tokens by playing games, but there is a daily limit to how many you can obtain for free. This limit is designed to prevent inflation and maintain the value of purchased tokens.

The daily free token limit in Blooket is 15 tokens per day. Once you hit the limit, you will stop earning tokens from games until the next calendar day.

Why You Might Want to Reset the Token Limit

For avid Blooket users, hitting the daily token limit can be frustrating. You may want to keep playing games and earning tokens but are stuck waiting for the limit to reset overnight. Is there any way to get around the boundary and reset it early?

Some players have gone as far as finding exploits like the infamous Blooket token hack. However, hacking and cheating can get your account banned. The proper way is through official administrative settings, but access is limited.

Resetting your token limit early allows you to:

  • Keep playing games and earning tokens past the 15-token daily limit.
  • Grind for tokens faster to purchase unlocks from the shop.
  • Maximize your daily token earnings without waiting overnight.
  • Avoid temptations to use sketchy hacks or exploits.

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How Teachers Can Reset the Token Limit

Blooket For Teachers

Teachers who use Blooket in their classrooms have special administrative powers. They can reset the daily token limit for the entire class. Here is how:

  1. Log in to your teacher account on the Blooket website.
  2. Click on your username and select “Teacher Console” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the “Classes” tab at the top of the screen.
  4. Find the class you want to reset and click the “Settings” button.
  5. Under “Daily Tokens Reset Time,” click the time to open the reset menu.
  6. Choose the new reset hour. The daily token limit will now reset at that time every day instead of midnight.
  7. Hit “Update” to save the changes.

Now your whole class will have their daily token limits reset at the new time! Students can keep earning tokens past the regular 15 limit.

How Players Can Try to Reset Their Limit

Unfortunately, regular Blooket players cannot reset their token limit independently. The option is only available to teachers and admins.

But players can contact Blooket support and request an early reset if they have a compelling reason. Here are some tips:

  1. Go to the Blooket support page and open a ticket requesting a token limit reset. Explain why you would like the limit reset early.
  2. Be polite and understanding in your request. Support staff are more likely to help you if you are respectful.
  3. If an error or glitch prevents you from earning tokens properly, provide details to support this. They may investigate and reset your limit.
  4. Don’t openly admit to using exploits or hacks, as this can get you banned.
  5. Follow up if you don’t hear back after a reasonable waiting period. Politely ask if there are any updates on your request.

While there is no guarantee support will reset your limit early, it is worth a shot. The worst they can do is politely say no.

Fair Play guidelines for Blooket

Token in Blooket

While resetting your token limit early sounds great, it’s important not to overdo it to the point of gaining an extremely unfair advantage over your classmates. Keep these fair play guidelines in mind:

  • Don’t pressure teachers or support staff into resetting your limit early. Accept their decision graciously.
  • Be conservative with your token usage after a reset to avoid inflating your balance.
  • Only repeatedly request token limit resets if there is a major malfunction.
  • Don’t exploit bugs or glitches to earn unlimited free coins or tokens. Report them appropriately to support instead.
  • Avoid using shady third-party hacks, scripts, or generators. Play Blooket fairly.

Resetting the token limit early can be a fun way to earn more rewards. But be responsible about it and respect the integrity of the game. We all want Blooket to keep being a fantastic educational platform!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I earn more than 15 tokens per day on Blooket?

The 15 tokens’ daily limit prevents token inflation and maintains their value. It’s a measure put in place by Blooket developers.

When does the daily token limit reset each day?

The token limit resets every day at midnight UTC by default. Teachers can change the reset time for their classes.

Can I use a hack or script to remove the daily token limit?

No, using hacks or exploits to bypass the token limit could get your Blooket account banned.

Can I pay to remove the daily token limit?

No, the limit is in place for all players and cannot be paid to be removed. The only proper way is to get it reset by a teacher/admin.

Do my earned tokens roll over if I don’t play Blooket one day?

No, any remaining earned tokens below the 15 limit will not roll over or accumulate to the next day. The limit resets back to 0 each day.


The daily token limit in Blooket ensures balance, but it can also be restricting for avid players. Teachers have special administrative powers to reset the entire class limit early. Individual players can also politely request a reset through Blooket support. It lets you keep playing and earning tokens past the 15-token ceiling. Just be sure to maintain fair play conduct and happy token hunting!

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