When is Blooket Trading Coming Out?

Blooket trading has become one of the most eagerly anticipated upcoming features for the popular online learning game Blooket. With over 30 million players across schools in 100 different countries, Blooket has quickly established itself as a fun way for students to review concepts and compete with their classmates.

A trading system promises to make the platform even more engaging and game-like. The Blooket team has remained tight-lipped about an exact release date, but based on the latest hints from developers, Blooket trading is coming out at the end of summer 2023.

Understanding Blooket and Its Current Features

For those unfamiliar, Blooket is a free web-based game teachers can use to review course material with students. It works by having students join a game lobby set up by the teacher through a shareable game code. Various game modes focus on skills like memorization, collaboration, and critical thinking. Players earn points and virtual currency called “tokens” as they play.

The platform already contains some basic marketplace functionality and collectibles in the form of “blooks” – block-shaped characters which can be purchased for tokens and used as players’ avatars. However, up till now, trading between players has not been possible.

Excitement Around Blooket Trading

How Will Blooket Trading Work

Thanks to blockchain-based projects like NBA Top Shot, trading systems have become immensely popular in recent years, allowing users to buy, sell and trade unique digital collectibles. The idea of bringing a similar mechanic into Blooket through tradable Blooks has generated tremendous enthusiasm among the game’s community.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the feature since it was first teased by the developers over 8 months ago in September 2022. The potential to trade blooks to collect rare ones promises to add an exciting new layer of depth and engagement. It is especially relevant for dedicated players who have accumulated piles of duplicate blooks from purchasing many packs.

Why Add Trading to Blooket?

There are several key reasons why trading makes sense as a new feature for Blooket:

  • It taps into popular trends that resonate with students, like collectibles and player-driven economies. It could help increase adoption and retention.
  • It gives players more ownership and control over their accounts as blooks shift from single-use cosmetics to valued assets.
  • A marketplace enables more diverse game progression paths beyond linear pack purchases. Players can choose to earn valuable blooks through trades.
  • Trading incentivizes interaction between players as they negotiate deals. It is beneficial for a classroom platform as it encourages communication.
  • Rarity creates demand for specific blooks, increasing engagement as players hunt coveted collectibles.

When Will Blooket Trading Release?

Unfortunately, there has been no official confirmation yet from Blooket’s developers on an exact release date for trading. However, good reasons exist to believe it must be close enough.

The main one is how prominently trading has already been featured in Blooket advertising materials. The current pack opening page shows an interface for accepting trades. Also, the ability to trade blooks was touted as a critical feature across their social media channels during the summer 2022 marketing push.

Based on this, the developers likely have already put substantial work into building trading mechanics behind the scenes. Integrating it into the live game should take just a short time with the infrastructure in place.

Many fans feel that trading should arrive before the end of 2022 or early 2023 at the latest, coinciding with a significant partnership announcement. However, new features often take longer than expected to polish and launch, so delays until mid or late 2023 are also possible.

How Will Blooket Trading Work?

Excitement Around Blooket Trading

While official details are scarce, educated guesses can be made about trading implementation based on comments from the developers and patterns seen in similar games.

It is reasonable to assume each player will have a trading inventory where they can deposit blooks they wish to offer up for trade. There will also likely be an outbound trade offer system for proposing specific deals to other players.

Trades may need teacher approval or be restricted to lobbies rather than across the entire game to prevent misuse. Blooket will also implement other security measures, like trade timeouts or cancellation periods. Fraud detection to catch duplicate blook scams will also be necessary.

In terms of valuation, rarer blooks will naturally command higher asking prices. However, players must balance their personal preferences against market demand when negotiating. Like physical collectibles, prices will fluctuate dynamically based on supply and demand.

Potential Concerns Around Blooket Trading

While overwhelmingly positive, trading does raise some potential concerns that Blooket will need to address:

  • Trading could enable unfair gameplay advantages if not appropriately balanced.
  • Younger players may be taken advantage of by sophisticated traders.
  • Trading could breed competitive toxicity between players.
  • Inflation and deflation of items must be managed as an economy emerges.
  • Scams could occur without proper security and moderation.

The Blooket team must be proactive on issues like scamming, game balance, age appropriateness, and establishing an ethical trading culture. With the proper precautions, these concerns are likely manageable.

Market Impact of Blooket Trading

Implementing trading in Blooket is anticipated to significantly grow overall platform activity and engagement. One significant effect will be increased user acquisition and retention as the social and economic aspects of trading attract new players and incentivize existing ones to remain active.

Many experts predict at least a 20-30% bump in daily and monthly active users after launch based on the experiences of other games introducing trading. It will likely extend session lengths and increase time spent in-game as players get immersed in the trading experience.

Collecting items, proposing exchanges, monitoring markets, and participating in the community will become engrossing new ancillary activities alongside gameplay. Increased competitive motivations around accumulating wealth and rare items will also drive participation in Blooket’s various modes as players seek to unlock tradable rewards.

The dynamics and demographics of the player base are expected to shift once trading is live. More serious, committed gamers drawn to complex strategy and economic systems will be pulled into Blooket’s orbit. At the same time, steps will need to be taken to ensure younger players aren’t at a disadvantage.

Overall, introducing this level of market complexity stands to mature Blooket’s community makeup. But the developers welcome this evolution as trading aligns with Blooket’s emphasis on critical thinking and financial literacy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blooket Trading

What items will be tradable on Blooket?

The developers have stated that trading will be limited to certain approved Blooks, tokens, and in-game currencies to start. High-value items like Box Tokens may be something other than tradable initially. The tradable assets are still to be determined.

How does trading work in Blooket?

Players can propose and accept trades with each other in real time. A trading hub will enable posting trade offers. Strict security measures will be in place to authenticate trades.

Can I trade items for real money?

No, trading will be limited to in-game items only. Real money transactions will be prohibited. The Blooket team wants to prevent black market behavior.

Is there an age limit for trading?

Age limits are still being evaluated. However, additional parental consent mechanisms may be required for minors to trade items. The goal is to prevent exploitation.

Will trading make the game unbalanced?

The Blooket team will work to ensure trading does not allow gameplay advantages. Restrictions on specific items and anti-inflation measures will help maintain fairness.


The mere idea of an upcoming trading feature has already reinvigorated interest in Blooket after periods of stagnation. It shows just how powerful player-driven economies can be in increasing engagement. With any luck, Blooket developers will recognize the immense potential here and expedite work on bringing trading to eager fans.

The feature will create massive excitement and activity throughout the Blooket community when it finally launches. For now, the best thing avid players can do is stockpile any duplicate rare Blooks they obtain in preparation for the eventual trading rollout!

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