How to Get Mega Bot in Blooket?

Mega Bot is one of the rarest and most coveted bots in the popular educational game Blooket. This bot gives players a major advantage by automatically answering questions correctly. Obtaining the Mega Bot is notoriously tricky as it costs 15,000 tokens in the shop.

However, there is a minimal chance of getting the Mega Bot for free from the Bot Box, which has a 0.3% drop rate for the bot. Players can also try buying the Mega Bot from another user selling it for around 200 tokens.

Outside of these unlikely methods, the best way to get the Mega Bot is through clever tricks like exploited giveaways, asking teachers to gift it, or relentless token farming through game modes like Tower Defense.

Getting the Mega Bot can be challenging, though. You need to follow specific steps if you want this powerful bot on your side. This article will show you how to unlock the Mega Bot in Blooket for free!

Complete Daily Missions

The first step is completing your daily missions on Blooket. Daily missions are tasks you must fulfil each day, like answering a certain number of questions correctly or logging in.

Completing all 3 of your daily missions will reward you with tokens. You need to save up many tickets if you want to buy the Mega Bot later. Try to max out your daily missions every single day.

The tokens you can earn range from around 30 to 100+ per day. Make daily missions a habit so your token balance steadily grows. Tokens are the currency you’ll ultimately use to purchase Mega Bot.

Play Game Modes

Blooket Play Game Modes

In addition to daily missions, you can earn more tokens by playing different Blooket play game modes. Certain games reward more tokens than others upon completion.

Gold Quest and Crypto Hack are two excellent token-earning game modes. Try to collect as much gold as possible in Gold Quest by answering questions quickly and correctly. In Crypto Hack, answer questions to hack encrypted files that contain tokens.

The more questions you answer correctly in these games, the more tokens you can win per round. Play these game modes frequently to stockpile tokens for the Mega Bot.

Complete Your Daily Goals

Along with daily missions, Blooket also has daily goals you can work towards. Daily goals involve accomplishments like playing several rounds or answering enough questions right.

When you complete goals, you’ll be rewarded with XP. Earning XP will level you up, giving you access to higher rewards. Levelling up your account unlocks better daily missions that offer more tokens.

So completing daily goals helps you level up faster, allowing you to take on daily missions that pay out more tokens per day. It maximizes how many tokens you can save up over time.

Participate in Events

Blooket often runs limited-time events that provide opportunities to win lots of tokens. Events will have certain objectives, and completing them earns you tokens as rewards.

For example, you may get tokens for playing rounds themed around that holiday during holiday events. When new features are added to the game, you may get tokens for trying them out.

Events are a great way to get token windfalls. Be sure to log in and participate in any running events to speed up your token collecting. With the event tokens, you’ll be able to afford the Mega Bot sooner.

Invite Friends

Here is an easy way to get lots of extra tokens – invite friends! Blooket lets you earn bonus tokens by inviting friends to play the game.

You can share your referral link with others and earn 100 tokens for each friend that joins Blooket with your link and plays a game. With just 10 referrals, you’ll already have 1,000 additional tokens!

Tell classmates, friends, and family about Blooket and how fun it is. Share your link and offer to play games together. The more referrals you get, the more tokens you can gain.

Save Your Gems

While tokens are earned through gameplay, you can use real money to buy gems in Blooket. However, saving your gems for other uses is recommended rather than buying tokens.

Gems can unlock unique game mode benefits, special fire effects, and other cool cosmetic upgrades. It’s better to save gems for exclusive rewards you can only get that way. You can earn plenty of tokens through regular gameplay with the tips above.

Keep collecting tokens through daily missions, game modes, events, and referrals. Be patient, and your token balance will grow. Soon you’ll have enough to purchase the Mega Bot without spending precious gems!

Buy the Mega Bot

The Mega Bot

Once you have accumulated 15,000 tokens, you’ll finally be able to unlock the Mega Bot! This is no small feat and requires diligent daily grinding. Luckily, the effort is worth it once you have the Mega Bot on your team.

To purchase the Mega Bot, open your inventory in Blooket and select the “Bots” tab. Scroll down to see the Mega Bot available for 15,000 tokens. Tap the purchase button, confirm the selection, and the Mega Bot is all yours!

Equip the Mega Bot before starting a game, and it will go to work automatically, answering questions for you. Sit back and watch your gameplay become much easier with Mega Bot’s help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting the Mega Bot in Blooket

How does the Mega Bot work in Blooket?

The Mega Bot is an AI bot in Blooket that can automatically answer questions correctly during gameplay. This gives players a major advantage by effortlessly winning games.

Why is the Mega Bot so expensive to purchase with tokens?

Blooket made the Mega Bot cost 15,000 tokens, which takes a long time to earn, so not everyone would unlock it easily. This makes the Mega Bot feel more rare and coveted.

Are there risks to using hacked Blooket clients?

Yes, hacked or modded Blooket clients that give free tokens and bots do carry risks, like potential account bans or viruses. Use them at your own discretion.

How many tokens can you earn from the Tower Defense game mode?

In Tower Defense, making it to round 15+ can earn you 1,000+ tokens in a single game. This makes it one of the best game modes for token-severe farming.

Is it against the Blooket rules to create multiple accounts?

There is no rule against having alt accounts. Don’t create excessive amounts; be careful about funnelling tokens to your main account.


Obtaining the ultra-powerful Mega Bot in Blooket requires patience and dedication. Follow the steps outlined here to maximize your daily token earnings through missions, game modes, goals, events, and referrals. Avoid spending gems to buy tokens. With consistent grinding, you’ll have enough tokens soon.

The Mega Bot’s auto-answer capability gives you a big competitive edge. Use this advantage to win more games and rewards! Getting the Mega Bot takes effort, but it’s a significant accomplishment in Blooket that’s well worth it.

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